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Which platform has the most powerful auto-trading algorithm?

If you have stepped into the world of crypto, you know how crucial the various auto trading platforms used to achieve better results are. Given that the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, traders should have good strategies and quality platforms and software that will allow them to make greater profits in the crypto industry.

If you have read the BitiCodes review lately, you will be aware that this platform is one of the best because of the extremely powerful auto-trading algorithm. But before we give you more information about those algorithms, let’s see what the secret of this fantastic platform is, shall we?

What are the benefits of using the BitiCodes platform?

One of the most significant features of the BitiCodes platform is its safety. Unfortunately, in the financial world, numerous companies are scammers who are only after their clients’ money. Losing money with devastating trades is a constant danger. BitiCodes is among the best platforms that tackle issues of lack of safety.

Besides security, another positive feature of BitiCodes is its easy accessibility. The process of registration on BitiCodes is quite simple and cheap. Users don’t even have to have any relevant experience in trading to open their first account. For BitiCodes, the minimum amount of money is $250 to open your account.

Besides security, easy accessibility, and a relatively small amount of money required for opening the account on the BitiCodes platform, its superior technology, and powerful algorithms characterize and describe this platform the most. What exactly are auto trading algorithms?

Auto-Trading algorithms explained

To understand the auto-trading algorithms, it is necessary to comprehend algorithmic trading. In short, it represents the specific practice of executing various orders. It does so with the help of trading instructions that are automated and pre-programmed accounting for the following variables:

  • Volume
  • Price
  • Time

This particular type of trading is specified to leverage the following:

  • computational resources of computers
  • speed

What is happening with algorithmic trading in the 21st century?

In the current 21st century, it’s crucial to understand that algorithmic trading has been extremely popular with institutional and retail traders. It has been trading a lot of traction, widely used by the following institutions:

  • Pension funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Investment banks
  • Mutual funds

Because these institutions had to spread out a much greater execution of a much bigger order or to perform trades extremely fast for individual traders to react to, according to one study from three years ago, in 2019, more than 92% of Forex trading was performed by trading algorithms.

The importance of powerful trading algorithms

The most significant thing about powerful trading algorithms is that it ensures the “best possible execution” of all trades. The main reason for that is that it minimizes the human element.

In addition, it can trade numerous assets and markets much more efficiently than any real human trader. And BitiCodes platform is known to have one of the most powerful trading algorithms on the market.

Considering all the other benefits, it is no wonder a large number of traders are maximally interested in the BitiCodes platform, considering it is one of the most effective for all serious traders who intend to make significant profits in the future!

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